Just Pray

This will probably come as a shock, but I am a Conservative.  On top of that, I am a Republican.  Gasp.  White, suburban, college educated, middle-aged wife and mother.  I check the box of that demographic who refused to vote for Trump.  Except I voted for him.  Twice.  (Twice as in two different elections, not twice in the same election as many dead people, cattle and aliens have voted for another candidate…but I digress).  So there, we’ve gotten that out of the way. I am a despicable Deplorable.  Stereotype away **eye roll**.  (Disclaimer: I know that it shocks no one that I lean right.)

So here we sit.  And wait.  Divided, confused and exhausted.  Despite which way we lean.  Half of the country thinks we have a new president, and the other half is waiting for Ashton Kutcher to jump out yelling “You got Punk’d!” 

To the first half, are you serious right now?  Do you honestly believe this thing is settled?  You know how when kids are little bitty they cover their eyes and think that they are hidden?  If I can’t see you then you can’t see me.  That’s what ya’ll look like.  If I don’t say that there are some serious issues with the validity of this election, then there aren’t any serious issues with the validity of this election.  Seventy-four percent of Americans do not trust the media.  Yet the media says, “hey look over here, our guy won” and you aren’t fact checking that?  In the words of your own candidate…COME ON MAN.

To the second half, get a paper bag and breathe into it.  Get your inhaler, Xanax, and bottle of tequila.  I, for one, am getting the popcorn.  But get it together people.  It is not over.  It is not ending on this note just because Don Lemmon cried and Chris Wallace called it.  Al Gore got his day in court—32 days actually—to investigate the votes of one state.  We’ve got issues in like 6 states.  Inauguration Day is January 20.  We’ve still got time on the clock.  Even I will admit we may still have to choke out the words “President Harris” …. I mean “President Biden” but we are not there yet. 

Both halves need this to play out.  This is the freaking United States of America.  If we do not have a fair and transparent election process, then we are done.  And believe me, I have thought many times this year alone that we as a country are done.  But if we can not open the back of the voting machines and count legitimately, if we are afraid to have three eyes on each paper ballot that’s opened, if we think it’s okay to cover up windows to counting rooms and if we are defying orders from the Supreme Court then WE—ARE—DONE.  My friends, acquaintances and strangers who read this who are on the left, if you are okay to accept the results as the media states them, then trust me, you are on the wrong side of this thing.  I mean, don’t get me wrong I think you are on the wrong side of the aisle personally (*wink wink*) but I do want you to have your vote counted fairly.  Don’t you want mine counted fairly?  Over 70 million people smell a rat.  If your boy won fairly, legitimately, and legally then where is the problem?  There are some very big claims being thrown around—computer glitches that just so happened to flip votes, middle of the night boxes of ballots showing up, rubber stamping blank ballots, blocking poll watchers—if it is much ado about nothing then what are you afraid of?  I mean…. I have watched all seasons of Scandal, House of Cards and Madame Secretary…I know what I’m talking about. 

Minorities and females make up large chunks of the Democratic electorate.  Just a few decades ago neither demographic could vote in elections in this great land.  Why is half of this country dismissing these irregularities?  Why is half of this country willing to sweep what might be a real ugly and scary side of American politics under the rug?  Why aren’t there any patriots on the left standing up to say hey, we want to win but we have got to make sure we have won fairly?  Are there no patriots on the left?  That would explain a lot.

To the decent, Jesus loving, just can’t get on board with some of the social beliefs of the right, never Trumpers but love this country all the same Blue Donkeys (hey—your color, your symbol), small percentage of you that remain,  your country needs you.  You need to want this to be decided legitimately.  If there is any truth to the fact that this election may be a lie, then there is an evil among us that we can only stop if we unite.  Because if they have succeeded in stealing my vote, they’re coming for yours next. 

To my right siders, just pray.  I keep telling everyone who will listen, and even those who aren’t listening, just pray. We need His mercy on this land more than we need anything else. We need Mary’s mantle to cloak this nation.  We need St. Michael to defend us in battle.  We need the light of Jesus to shine onto the darkness.  Open the eyes of those who believe and those who don’t Lord. 

There is only One who knows whose hand will be on the Bible on January 20, 2021.  Just pray. 

God Bless America—left, right, middle of the roaders, may God bless us all.  Except Nancy Pelosi.  (Sorry not sorry).

One thought on “Just Pray

  1. THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EXACTLY what I have said to everyone since hearing the news yesterday. You just got it all together and put it into words much better than I could even think it (is that even a line that makes sense?) It’s not over baby…it’s not over. Trump is not going to just let this go. Jesus, Mary, Joseph do not let evil rein over the good people of this nation. Save the babies, save the livelihood of the hard working people, in your mercy hear us. Jesus, I trust in thee.

    Kelly, you continue to amaze me my sweet friend! Tere



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